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Who we are

We are a group of people whose goal is to bring something different and innovative to the marble field, putting all the love we have for what we do. We travel the world, discover and bring the best, to meet your expectations and satisfy even the most difficult and demanding customer.

What we do

We wish to revolutionize the marble field and Stone to become a benchmark, synonymous to a variety of rare materials and consistency. We search and collect for you, the best and rarest marbles from all over the world and it would be our great pleasure to present them to you.

Why Us

Our mission is to discover and collect for you the most special and rare marbles, but at the same time, to maintain our non-negotiable goal of consistency and quality! Our dream is to make a difference and Stone to stand out for its uniqueness and consistency in the field of marble. We can discover and bring you rare marbles from all over the world to meet the most difficult demands, anything you can imagine while constantly increasing our variety of materials.

Next to do!

Our next trip in search of rare and original marbles is in Brazil !!!

Get a small taste !!….

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